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There is no emotion within us without a place, just as there is no place that does not generate emotion, as mild as they may be.
— RB


VADA is a collective of creatives with a joint love of houses and design. We believe that a home is where memories are made and lives are lived. 

Founded by Robert BühlerChelsea Dixon.

Our work spans from Design, Architecture, Interiors, Developments and Product design in both commercial and residential sectors, public and private alike. At the heart of the studio’s work is strong ethos and commitment to sustainability, design and quality. 


Architecture & Planning 

At VADA we work with clients from the beginning, whether it be finding the perfect project right the way through the planning and design stages. 

Our architecture is about how people experience place and how place affects them.

Bespoke British Kitchens

and Furniture 

Its a family affair when it comes to our team and we pride ourselves in our exceptional craftsmanship.

Richard Dixon's incredible eye for detail makes everyone of our kitchen or wardrobe designs come to life. 

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A house is more than what you see on the outside. At VADA we aim to transform any space, to curate beauty right down to the very last detail. 

Building for the long term

VADA believe that sustainability needs to be at the heart of the design strategy in order to create exceptional projects. We work closely with clients to ensure that all aspects of sustainability are carefully considered throughout the brief, from low energy design, to the use of natural light, water use, materials, construction and the ‘sense of place’ that makes a clients project.